DavePaul5 – Walla Walla Valley


Place: Castillo de Feliciana Vineyard & Winery  |  City: Milton-Freewater

In the Walla Walla Valley, on Saturday, May 26th, bring a blanket or lawn chair and enjoy an evening of live music on the grass with the DavePaul5! Doors open at 6:00 and music starts at 7:00pm. Granny’s Tamales will have food available for purchase, so make sure to come hungry! Click here to purchase.



The DavePaul5 traces its beginnings to a Walla Walla wine tasting event, at which founders Dave Woolson and Paul Gregutt were seated next to each other in a narrow aisle, with wine glasses precariously set in front of them, and an ongoing (yet subtle) my-elbow-was-here-first confrontation in the early stages. Happily for these two singer/guitar players, a peaceful seating compromise was reached, and the seeds of a jam-packed musical collaboration were planted. 


Co-founder David Woolson brings years of songwriting and playing guitar to the “DP5”. He describes his style as a brew of Americana, rock and blues. “I like to call it Aggressive Campfire Music” he notes. David was previously the founder of the acclaimed Ribera Band in Portland. Woolson is dedicated to having a good time onstagewhich guarantees that audiences will always leave the show smiling.  


Paul Gregutt’s previous Walla Walla bandmates were Pete Crawford (“Where’s Mary?”) and Joe Patrick (Hat No Hat). HNH was a Thursday night fixture at jimgermanbar for much of the last year it was in business. Like his bandmate Woolson, Gregutt brings a lifetime of singing, playing and performing experience to his shows, along with a decades-long songbook that ranges from jazz to blues to rock and country. 


Telephone:              541-558-3656

Email:                        wwvevents@castillodefeliciana.com

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Address:                   85728 Telephone Pole Road


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